Bita Motamedi

lives in Burnaby, BC,Canada. She is a professional painter and a distinguished graduate of Fine Arts. More recently, several of her artworks have been accepted into juried exhibitions in the Federation of Canadian Artists(FCA), Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour(CSPWC), Portrait Artists' Society of Canada (PASC) , Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial and MUSEE LAURIER ( Quebec).

She was also honored to receive an award for her water colour painting from CSPWC OPEN WATER 2010. Bita’s artworks in the past decade have started from individual studies gradually converging into a collective configuration. Bita has assembled a collection of her watercolor artworks in the past 20 years which demonstrate the development of her personal style. The collection is, like a context, revealing a growing concept.

"At the beginning of my design, I reach to certain proportions and divisions that in fact are a kind of gesture and aimed at having the maximum perceptual influence on the spectator. This starts the creation of “concept-image (CI)."

"Here, the final image (CI) plays an outstanding role and in fact, is a kind of mediation between two-dimensional framework of the page and the ideas that in my opinion exist in realty and artist’s job is only to discover them."

"Therefore, by keeping this two dimensional painting as an activator for the process of discovery of idea or conceptualization, we can regenerate a proper imitation of linguistic, logical and emotional operators in the image so that finally I will enter into a process of “finding ideas“. So, CI enables me to apprehend various ideas and present it in any other type of media and give birth to new styles."

-Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour (CSPWC) , Open Water 2010- Open International Juried Art Exhibition ,Award for excellence

 -Among the top 50 finalists  in 2011 Canadian Portrait Competition- The Miracle of the Portrait ,Portrait Society of Canada (PASC)

 -Accepted in the Annual International Representational Show (AIRS) 2012, Federation of Canadian Artists(FCA)

 -Among the top 50 finalists , Canadian Portrait Competition, 2012: The Miracle of the Portrait ,Portrait Society of Canada(PASC)

 -Accepted in the Annual International Representational Show (AIRS) 2013,Federation of Canadian Artists(FCA)

 -Accepted in Shenzhen International Watercolour Biennial- China (2013-2014)

 -Accepted for Musee Laurier, musée de l hôtel des postes, Victoriaville, Québec, International Exhibition "A tire d'aile (bird) 2014"

 -Accepted in the Annual International Representational Show (AIRS) 2014, Federation of Canadian Artists(FCA)

 - Among top 50 finalists for the Canadian Portrait Competition, Portrait Society of Canada (PASC) 2014

 -Based on the assessment of her works of art she was awarded "Active Status" in Federation of Canadian Artists in 2015

 -Accepted for the " Small, Smaller, Smallest" Exhibition in Federation of Canadian Artists 2015

 -Accepted for Canadian portrait competition, "The Miracle of the portrait", among 31 top finalists, Portrait Society of Canada (PASC) 2015

 -Accepted for active member exhibition, Federation of Canadian Artists, 2016

 -Accepted in juried exhibition “ Works on Paper 2016” in Federation of Canadian Artists

 -Accepted in juried exhibition “ Artists’ Choice 2016”in Federation of Canadian Artists

 -Accepted as international portrait Artist in Portrait Society of Canada and in their Elite Group of Professional Portrat Artists 2015

 -Accepted in juried exhibition “ Foliage and Flowers 2016” in Federation of Canadian Artists

 -Accepted in” Water Reflection Juried Exhibition 2016” , Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour ( CSPWC)

 -Accepted in “Annual International Mail- in Exhibition 2016” , Federation of Canadian Artists

 - Accepted in “ From Life 2016 “ , Federation of Canadian Artits

 -Accepted  in “ Small,Smaller,Smallest 2016” ,Federation of Canadian Artists

 -Accepted in “ Water Reflection Juried Exhibition 2017” Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour  (CSPWC)

 -Accepted in “ Celebrate Canada 150 Exhibition 2017” , Porrait Society of Canada(PASC)

- Accepted in “ Aquarelle et Pastel 2018" “ in Federation of Canadian Artists(FCA)

-Contemporary Portrait 2018, Portrait Society of Canada(PASC)

-Annual fundraising exhibition, “ Ten Squared 2018”, for the Federation of Canadian Artists(FCA)